The library is well furnished in a big hall having curtains at windows & doors. There is separate study room for staff members. There are total 11384 books for various branches are available for study purpose.177 title of books and 5 international journals are available. 5 newspaper & 1 employment news is for increasing the knowledge of students.
The Library contains:- 
  1. All the syllabus books for all branches. 
  2. Tables and chairs for sitting about 100 students at a time.
  3. Magazines and Newspapers
  4. Previous year question papers.
  5. Books for general knowledge and current affairs.
  6. Internet connection. 
The students should obey following  regulations:-
  1. Books must be returned or got renewed within 15 days, but the Librarian may summon the return to any book earlier and when urgently required.
  2. Fine as per Library rules will be imposed for every book returned late.
  3. Students will be required to pay the cost of books, if lost by them. Fine as per library rules shall also be imposed.
  4. Marking on books, defacing or tearing of paper is not permitted and the defaulters will ordinarily be required to pay the price of the book.
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