Information technology has great influence on all aspects of our life. Primary purpose of using computer is to make the life easier. Almost all work places and living environment are being computerized. In order to prepare Computer Engg. diploma holders to work in these environments, it is essential that they are exposed to various aspects of information technology such as understanding the concept of information technology and its scope, operating a computer, use of various tools of MS Office/Open Office, understanding the working of computers and peripherals and is able to install computer system including software loading, able to assemble computers and change / replace various parts and peripherals, able to write computer programs in high level languages like C, C++, VB and JAVA etc. 
Students must have understanding of databases and knowledge of database management system, able to troubleshoot various faults in computer system and networks, proficient in developing software and web sites. This exposure will enable the students to enter their professions with confidence, live in a harmonious way and contribute to the productivity. For this purpose, Department has three computer labs to cater for needs of students. The students of computer engg. are  provided with internet facilities in labs for their project work and other study related requirements. The three labs are equipped with around 100 modern computer systems having requisite softwares/hardwares for conducting following practicals as per latest syllabus. 
  1. BIT Practicals using Open Office
  2. PIC/CPA practicals using Turbo C++
  3. Computer Peripheral & Interfacing/Networking  practicals using old hardware parts/Cables/Connectors 
  4. Internet & Web Designing Practicals using internet and HTML
  5. Computer Workshop using hardware parts as well as installing free application softwares available online. 
  6. Data Structure Practicals using Turbo C++
  7. RDBMS practicals using Express Edition of SQL Server
  8. OOPS Practicals using Turbo C++
  9. JAVA practicals using JAVA Software
  10. VB practicals using Visual Studio
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