Workshop is the place where a student is exposed to the production process that are used in real life, for the production of a desire product about which they have to read in  books only. A technical student especially a diploma student needs to be familiar with the different machinery & their proper utilization keeping in view the today’s work demand from industries. The workshop of C.M.R.A.  Govt. Polytechnic Education Society, Sanghi is located at the ground floor within institute building spread over the area of 210x22 feet.  Our workshops are equipped with latest machinery & equipment & have well qualified & experienced staff from the every corner of the country. The name of the workshops & the machinery available are under:- 
  1. Carpentry shop:- This wrkshop equipped with the Marking, Measuring Holding, Planning & Boring Tools, Universal Wood Working Machine.
  2. Fitting & Plumbing shop:- This workshop has Bench Drilling Machine, All types of Dies, Bench Grinder, Surface Plate & all the Holding, Measuring & Marking Tools.
  3. Welding shop:- It has Tig Welding Set, Arc Welding Set, Butt Welding Machine, Spot Welding Machine, D.C. Generator set, Single Phase Welding set, Acety Line Tank, Oxygen Cylinder. 
  4. Forging & Sheet Metal:- Forging Hearth, Power Hammer, Drilling Machine. Anvils, Swages Block, Lever Shearing Machine.
  5. Foundry shop:- Blower, All Measuring & Cutting Tools.
  6. Machine shop:- Milling Machine, CNC Lathe Machine,Power Hacksaw.
  7. Paint shop:- Air Compressor, Spray Gun, All other Tools & Equipment.
  8. Electronics:- Multimeter, CRO, Signal Generator & other Necessary Equipment.
  9. Electrical:- Electrical workshop have all the material accessories for various type of wiring practices for the students. Workshop has Gysor, Electric Iron, Heater, etc. Workshop also has Measuring Instrument i.e. Ammeter, Voltmeter.


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